International finance requirement – Bloomsbury Institute London

International finance requirement

Tuition fees

Standard undergraduate courses
(3 years)
£12,000 per year
Accelerated undergraduate courses
(2 years)
£15,000 per year
MBA and MSc Management £15,000
MSc Accounting and Finance; MSc Finance and Wealth Management; LLM Legal Practice* £16,500*

*Subject to final approval


From October 2023, the deposit payment will be 100% of Year 1 fees for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.


Bloomsbury provides all applicants with a £1,000 scholarship that is paid upon successful completion of the course, as a contribution to the cost of the 2-year Graduate visa. There are no entry scholarships.


Students need to prove they have enough money to support themselves whilst studying in the UK. This means they need to have £1,334 per month available to cover living costs whilst studying in London for Student visa applications to be successful. For any course that is 9 months or more, students need to have a minimum of £12,006, plus any outstanding course fees.

Funds must be maintained in a bank account for at least 28 consecutive days and the bank document must not be more than 31 days old on the day that the online visa application is submitted. Funds can be from a current account, deposit account, savings account or investment account that belongs to either the student, parent(s) or legal guardian(s). Funds can also be in a joint account, if the student is named as a joint account holder to that account, but they must provide a consent letter from the other account holder.

If students show funds in the name of parent(s) or legal guardian(s), they must also provide a birth certificate or adoption certificate and a consent letter from the account holder(s) agreeing to use of the funds in the account.

Students can also provide a loan letter if they have received a student loan or a financial guarantee letter, or if they received official financial sponsorship from the relevant bodies recognised by the UKVI as official financial sponsors. These letters must state how much money is granted to for course fees and/or maintenance.

We will check all financial documents to make sure they meet the UKVI requirements before we issue a CAS. Students may also be required by the UKVI to confirm the source of funds during the application process. This is particularly requested where there are large random cash, cheque or transfer deposits seen on the bank statement and/or where the bank statement has been printed for just a 28-day period. In some cases, during the assessment of financial documents, we may ask students to provide evidence of the source of the funds reflected on the bank statement.

More details about meeting the financial requirement can be found here. If you have any questions regarding the financial requirement or any of the above information, please contact