• I need a letter confirming I am enrolled; how can I get this?

Current and alumni students may obtain a statement of student status letter to confirm their BIL registration, you can request a statement of student status by logging into SSP.

  • What if I haven’t received any information from Student Finance England or the Student Loans Company telling me how much money I will be entitled to receive for Student Support?

Before you start chasing up your loan, it’s a good idea to check that your application has gone through properly. You can do this by logging in to your Student Loans Company account. You can also download copies of any letters you have been sent.

  • When will I receive payments from Student Finance England or the Student Loans Company?

Payment is released automatically when your confirmation of attendance is received. It usually clears in your bank account within three to five working days.

  • How do I get a Student Oyster Card?

Students can apply for an 18+ Student Oyster photocard from the TFL website. The registration fee is £25 (non-refundable). Add link

  • What happens if I lose my Student ID Card?

If you lose the card you would need to report this to academic administrators for a replacement and pay a fee of £10 for a new one. You can contact them via  academic.admin@bil.ac.uk

  • Where can I find my timetable?

You can access your academic timetable via student services on the BIL website, (https://www.bil.ac.uk/student-portal/)

Please submit an SSP request if you have any questions about your schedule or any teaching related matters.

  • Who can support me throughout my studies?

There are a number of services at Bloomsbury Institute that are here to support you as a new student and throughout your studies including:

Contact the Student Engagement and Wellbeing Success (SEWS) team via sews@bil.ac.uk or call them on 020 7078 8840.

The SEWS Team operate with an open-door policy, so there will always be someone available for you to have a chat with.

Contact Dr Nadia Michail , our Disability & Wellbeing manager, via disability@bil.ac.uk or call her on 020 7078 8796.

You can also download TalkCampus, a free mental health and wellbeing app where you can talk with other students from around the world about mental health and wellbeing.

  • What type of student services are available to me?

All these student services that Bloomsbury institute has to offer can be found right here: https://www.bil.ac.uk/student-portal/

  • How can I get employability support?

The Let’s Grow programme offers a range of support, contact the Let’s Grow team for help with a range of employment support, helping you with job applications, internships, placements and CVs, but it also explores what success means to you. For more information, contact (employability@bil.ac.uk)

  • Who is my module leader?

Foundation year – Tom Ironmonger

Business – Ana Krajewska

Law – Joe Stevens

Accounting & Finance – Mubashir Qurashi