Board of Directors – Bloomsbury Institute London

Board of Directors

While we are a private company, our Board of Directors is fully independent.

The Board is unambiguously accountable for all our activities and makes the final decisions on matters of major concern.

Student and Staff Representatives

The student voice is incredibly important to us.

Students are not only at the forefront of all our key strategic decisions, but they also have a say in how we ultimately run Bloomsbury Institute. We believe this is the best, and only way, to ensure their journey with us is exceptional and life-affirming.

Our Board of Directors is made up of two student representatives, one of whom is our Student President. They are invaluable representatives for all our students, and they have the channel at Board level to raise any thoughts or concerns on behalf of our student body.

Throughout the years, they have influenced and helped to shape our strategic direction by sharing their views, comments and feedback with the Board. You can learn more about our student representatives on our Student Guild’s website.

Two staff representatives also attend Board meetings and provide a direct and continuous channel of communication between staff and the Board. As with student representatives, they bring to the Board any feedback or comments staff may have and ensure staff are informed about the Board’s decisions.

To find out more about our Board members and the staff representatives who attend the Board meetings, you can view their profiles below.


Staff and students from across the Institute also have the opportunity to sit on several committees which, as a whole, lead on matters on behalf of the Board.

Our Board of Directors has the power to establish these committees where appropriate. They have so far established five committees:

  • Academic Committee
  • Audit Committee
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee
  • Nominations Committee
  • Remuneration Committee

Student and staff representatives sit on both the Academic Committee and the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

Governance Documents

Our Articles of Association set out the rules about how our Institute must be run and administered. The Articles provide for a separate Corporate and Academic Governance Framework to be adopted by the Board of Directors.  This provides, for example, details of committee memberships and their Terms of Reference.

Articles of Association

Corporate and Academic Governance Framework

Board Members: