How to Find the Work You Love

How to Find the Work You Love is an inspiring and practical 6-month course designed to help you identify and succeed in the work you really want to do. It goes deep into your inner world to see what’s going on there, then helps you put together a plan of action to get where you want to be.

What we need from you is a positive attitude to make change happen. We need you to understand that the world is not going to hand you a career on a silver plate. Rather, you need to step up to that plate through hard work and determination. Finally, we need you to sign up to the course with a commitment to attend each of the sessions as each session fits seamlessly into the others.

Members of our Alumni Network are given free access to the course. For those from outside Bloomsbury Institute the cost is £3,000.

To sign up and for more information, email

Here’s a rundown of how it all works

Monday 6 January 6:30pm | Nine ways of working

Using a powerful assessment tool we will help you understand yourself and take positive steps towards building your career. You will be given a pre-course online questionnaire to complete and during this session you will discover what your ‘type’ is, what this may mean for your interactions with others, and what it may mean for your career.

Monday 3 February 6:30pm | Defining your goals / Hearing your calling

This session will build on the previous session, using your knowledge of what drives and motivates you to set some clear, realistic and achievable goals for the short, medium and long term. We will also look at the challenges which different types tend to encounter and come up with strategies for turning these around.

Monday 2 March 6:30pm | Loving what you do, until you’re doing what you love

Frustrations in relation to our careers can come from the sense that we are not doing what we want to be doing. When we get stuck in a limiting mindset we stop seeing the potential for learning and development in our current situations. Learning to love what you do is about developing a mental attitude that sees beyond feelings of stagnation and limitation. Moreover, it’s about seeing your own situation with fresh eyes and identifying opportunities to unlock your potential.

Monday 6 April 6:30pm | Who am I to others?

One of the most important parts of developing your career is your ability to tell your story and give a good account of yourself to hirers and/or investors. This is essentially the art of learning to be yourself with confidence and humility before others. This session will help you identify your key strengths and abilities. We will look at how you might come across to others and what you can do to make sure you communicate with integrity and quiet confidence.

Monday 4 May 6:30pm | Interviews and Networking

Being effective at interviews or being a good networker does not come naturally. These are skills which have to be developed through practice and through rigorously reflecting on your experiences. We have developed nine interview protocols and during this session you will reflect on what you say and how you say it. This session will also explore the question, what are other people for, because a common mistake people make in networking is thinking that other people exist primarily to serve one’s own needs and ambitions. By connecting our own sense of calling to the sense of calling in others our behaviours change and the world of work is transformed.

Monday 15 June 6:30pm | Speed interviews and networking

The final session of this course brings participants face to face with external supporters of Bloomsbury Institute for a fun and interactive networking game.