Alumni Network

Life after graduation is both exciting and challenging, with a range of possibilities for employment, self-employment, enterprise creation and postgraduate study. To support you on this exciting journey, this year we proudly launch our Alumni Network.

Through our Alumni Network we will support you every step of the way as you build the life you want to live.

Our Alumni Network will be given exclusive free access to a number of courses each year. You’ll also be invited to industry-specific events, gatherings with your fellow alumni and valuable networking opportunities with sector leaders. In addition to this, we are currently building an online alumni portal where you’ll have access to career related resources, as well as the latest internship and job opportunities.

In becoming a member of our Alumni Network you’ll be joining a community of learning rooted in a shared aspiration to unlock potential for the greater good. You’ll have the opportunity to enhance the lives of our current students, engaging with them throughout major student milestones such as induction, and sharing your expertise, advice and experience through student-alumni mentorships.

You’ll also become an integral part of our history and future as the first ever members of Bloomsbury Institute’s Alumni Network.

Stay tuned for more information about alumni events, the online alumni portal and how you can support current students.