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Student Awards 2022

29 June saw Bloomsbury Radio host the Annual Student Awards Show. Student Engagement, Wellbeing and Success (SEWS) Director, Sarah Bailey was in the presenter’s chair to make sure the whole thing ran smoothly, and she was joined by leaders from across the institute to announce the winners.

The producer of the programme Barra Fitzgibbon had this to say after the show:

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It’s a highlight of our academic year. Everyone’s talking about how inspiring the stories behind the awards are. This year’s winners remind us of just how ingenious, hardworking, and bright our students are, students building their own enterprises, running our Law Clinic, reaching far, and finding success in their studies and work lives, even producing and presenting shows here on Bloomsbury Radio. Well done all.

Barra Fitzgibbon

If you missed the show, you can catch up on Soundcloud here.

The announcers and winners for each of the awards are as follows:

Tom Ironmonger (Deputy Head of the School of Business and Accounting, Foundation Year Course Leader) announced the Foundation Year awards:

  • Foundation Year Rising Star Award – Khloud Al-Shameri and Louis Green
  • Foundation Year Community Building Award – Andrea David

Dr Joe Stevens (LLB Course Leader & Principal Lecturer) announced the Law awards:

  • Level 4 outstanding achievement – Marina Luisa Rusan
  • Level 5 outstanding achievement – Marina Mon
  • Level 6 outstanding achievement – Obinne Chime

Mubashir Qurashi (Accounting Course Leader) announced the Accounting awards:

  • Gergana Dimitrova Atanasova – Best student award
  • Mariana Girbu – Academic achievement award
  • Oxana Aleabiev and Irina Spinu – Best dissertation award

Achila Amarasinghe (Deputy Head of School, Business and Management Course Leader) announced the Business and Management awards:

  • Scholarship Award (Level 4) – Carlos Vieira Dias
  • Scholarship Award(Level 5) – Sayefaldeen Suleiman
  • Best Dissertation / Best Business Research Project Award (Level 6) – Marius Lupu

Shola Fiberesima (Student Guild Manager) announced the Student Guild awards for Visibility Enthusiasts:

  • Andreea-Alexandra Neacsu – Foundation Year Business and Management
  • Johana Petit-Frere – Final Year Business and Management
  • Melissa El Yazji – Foundation Year Business and Management.
  • Gergana Atanasova – Final Year Accounting and Finance
  • Andrea Catinella – Final Year Business and Management
  • Ana Maria Silochi – Final Year Accounting and Finance

Sarah Bailey Director of Centre for SEWS announced the SEWS awards:

  • SEWS Award for Outstanding Engagement – Mato Akalovic & Snezhana Peneva

Cal Courtney (Director, Community Engagement and Learning) announcing the Bloomsbury Radio award:

  • Best Radio Programme – Victoria In Verse (Victoria Onofrei)
  • John Fairhurst (Managing Director & Academic Principal) announcing the Bloomsbury Values award:
  • Embracing Bloomsbury Institute Values – Ana Maria Silochi