Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL)

The Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) lies at the heart of all that we do. CETL promotes the professional and intellectual development of academic staff – supporting a community of teacher-scholars and sharing the theory and practice of teaching and learning.

Our mission is to always ensure our colleagues feel supported and have all they need so that our students enjoy the best education possible.

This is achieved through our two main approaches:

  • Promoting and developing innovations in higher education teaching. We explore the use of appropriate technology and enhancement of digital literacy for staff and students.
  • Helping our academic staff assess their teaching effectiveness and, in turn, their students’ learning. We’re passionate about sustaining a culture which recognises and rewards teaching.

Our programmes and activities

Teaching matters
Teaching and learning are quite rightly at the centre of our strategic framework. We aim to deliver high-quality education through ensuring our teaching staff are knowledgeable, skilled and give the best to our students. CETL supports this through ensuring that our courses reflect sector trends and student needs. Our fair and reliable assessments support and engage our students and our inclusive curriculum and accessible campus enables all to fully participate.

Learning Technology
We believe in the transformational use of technology for learning. In addition, we understand that digital fluency is vital for everyone to participate in the modern world.

The Learning Technology Team (LTT) provides guidance and support for staff and students, from induction right through to graduation. The LTT offers regular training events, teaching sessions, one-to-one support, and email and phone support for all staff and students.

Teaching and Learning Forum
Our Teaching and Learning Forums (TLFs) are used to evaluate our staff’s scholarly work. We explore the methods of teaching and learning and reflect on the challenges faced by our teachers and students.

Recent forums have covered topics such as ‘Effective Teaching in a Multi-Cultural Environment’, ‘Teaching Big and Loud Groups’ and ‘Delivering Learning through the VLE Online Classroom’.

Teaching and Learning Conference
The annual Teaching and Learning Conference brings together all those passionate about widening participation in teaching and learning. The event contributes to the development of an active learning community and is the perfect opportunity to meet a range of scholars, IT technicians and many others within the higher education community.

Advance HE
We work very closely with the HEA to enhance learning and teaching in our academic community. Advance HE works with universities, colleges, governments and sector agencies to bring about changes that improve teaching and the student learning experience.