Strategic Framework

Our Strategic Framework is split into the seven goals below and represents our institutional strategic targets that we seek to achieve over the three-year period 2019-22.

To provide access to success

We are proud to provide access to the most diverse group of students in the sector. We attract learners that have the potential, attitude and aspiration to succeed. We welcome and support everyone who has these qualities.

To bring academic potential to life

We invest in each student to identify and maximise their academic potential. We nurture students to be confident and independent learners and we are committed to giving them every opportunity to ensure they can engage, progress and graduate.

To deliver high-quality education

We offer courses in accounting, business and law that have PSRB recognition. Our experienced lecturers deliver challenging and engaging modules that are highly relevant to the new graduate working environment.

To create opportunities

We create opportunities for students to build their networks and engage with inspiring thinkers, innovative leaders and sector specific experts. Our academic and enhancement activities lead to personal growth, individual success and community impact.

To build a cooperative and dynamic workplace

Our employees are empowered to become high-performing and to deliver results individually, in teams and across the institution. We have a positive work culture that delivers a professional service to our students and our colleagues. We support all our employees to be part of our robust scholarly community.

To drive institutional sustainability

We invest our income into delivering our purpose and will carefully manage our growth to ensure we do not lose sight of our responsibility to our community, our stakeholders and the environment. Our place in the sector is strengthened by our focus on governance, standards and quality.

To become a pioneering higher education provider

As we move towards gaining our own taught degree awarding powers and university status, we remain committed to being a purpose-driven higher education provider that dares to think differently.