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Orlagh Maye

Lecturer: Law


Bloomsbury Institute Orlagh Maye

I am a Lecturer in Law here at Bloomsbury Institute. I recently graduated from the two year accelerated course with a first class LLB from Bloomsbury Institute and I am currently studying for my master’s degree in Legal History at the University of Reading.

I was nominated as a student representative in my first year, and activities officer in my final year. I trained as a Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Leader, and attended the PASS/PAL/SI Conference 2019 in Loughborough as a representative of the Institution.

I received the ‘Student Guild President’s Award for outstanding contribution to the student community’, and the ‘Bloomsbury Institute Award for enhancement of the academic community’.

In the past I was also awarded a scholarship to study French language in Nice.


Academia has always been of importance to me. My current field of research involves women’s equitable rights in history, with a focus on the imbalance of rights within marriage.

Though the majority of research I have completed has been centred on equity, international law, and human rights, I am yet to come across an area of law that does not interest me!

My aim is to ultimately achieve a PhD and continue in the field of academics.


LLB, MARes (currently studying)