Liise Banda

Academic Administration and Assessment Executive

Woman smiling

My road to Bloomsbury Institute has been everything but academic. After finishing my two-years art course back home, I entered the grown-up world by working six years in embroidery industry. This made me wish to see more of the wide world and I spent 6 months in magical Italy as a volunteer in a B&B. From the day that life brought me to London I have been discovering the hidden sides of five-star hospitality and private clinics.

It was a scary and exiting jump to Bloomsbury Institute but the time I have been working here has shown me that sometimes fear has big eyes and it’s all worth it. Working as an academic administrator gives me an opportunity to enjoy routine full of daily surprises.


After working hours, I love to escape to the relaxing world of yoga and canvas on the corner of my room is starting to fill with colours again.