Graham Ward

Lecturer: Business

Man smiling

I am a Lecturer in Business at Bloomsbury Institute and I teach Organisational Leadership, Ethics and Information Technology modules.

I am the co-founder of a South African based company called Award Training (Pty) Ltd, which is based in South Africa. The company specialises in Further Education and Training qualifications for the South African market, since 2008.

In addition to starting Award Training, I have started and successfully run numerous other businesses, ranging from Real Estate to an IT Support company. This has allowed me to gain experience in different industries which has broadened my understanding of the essential basics of business and customer service. As a start-up owner of various businesses, I have learned how to create systems for business growth as well as how to manage the people who work alongside us as employees and contractors.


Having achieved a doctorate in entrepreneurship from the Nelson Mandela University in South Africa, I am passionate about assisting people who would like to start businesses of their own. In order to provide assistance to budding entrepreneurs, I recently completed a book called: “10 Simple Steps to Start a Business”.

I am also a keen amateur golfer and I enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and the architecture of each golf course.

Qualifications, Affiliations and Memberships

In addition to the doctorate obtained in the field of entrepreneurship, I obtained a Masters Degree in Family Business Succession in 2011.

Research and Publications

The article which stemmed from my doctorate titled: “Entrepreneurship in-South Africa An-Empirical Analysis of the Perceived Global Individual and Financial Success as an Entrepreneur” was published by JMME in January 2019.