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Daniel Meresanu

Admissions Executive


Bloomsbury Institute - Daniel Meresanu

I recently graduated from the four-year Business Management programme here at Bloomsbury Institute, where I also secured a role in the Admissions department. My responsibilities include:

  • assessing and supporting undergraduate applications,
  • ensuring data is accurately input and transferred during all admissions process stages, and
  • ensuring all applicants are treated fairly without any discrimination or biases.

In my final year, I volunteered as a Peer Advisor and Student Representative, where I would help with marketing campaigns, merchandise and the Virtual Reception. Reaching out to the Student Guild during your years of studying is fun; there are plenty of job opportunities to help improve your CV.


I enjoy long beach walks with my dog, Benjamin. I am in awe of outer space and a Green Fashion advocate who loves a good take out and getting together with my friends.

Qualifications, Affiliations and Memberships

BA (Hons) Business Management