Daniel Meresanu

Admissions Executive


I recently graduated from the four-year Business Management programme here at Bloomsbury Institute, where I also secured a role in the Admissions department. My responsibilities include:

  • assessing and supporting undergraduate applications,
  • ensuring data is accurately input and transferred during all admissions process stages, and
  • ensuring all applicants are treated fairly without any discrimination or biases.

During my studies, I have had several part-time jobs, mainly in the fashion sector. Having worked for big industry names like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and Gucci helped shape my sales skills and allowed me to observe the operational side of luxury, premium and high street retailers. The latter inspired my final academic research, “Fashion, a Lethal Trend”.

In my final year, I volunteered as a Peer Advisor and Student Representative, where I would help with marketing campaigns, merchandise and the Virtual Reception. Reaching out to the Student Guild during your years of studying is fun; there are plenty of job opportunities. to help improve your CV.


I enjoy long beach walks with my dog, Benjamin. I am in awe of outer space and a Green Fashion advocate who loves a good take out and getting together with my friends.

Qualifications, Affiliations and Memberships

BA (Hons) Business Management