Carina Popescu – Bloomsbury Institute London

Carina Popescu

Quality and Compliance Executive (Secretariat)

Having graduated with a Law degree from Bloomsbury Institute, I took the opportunity to join their Quality and Compliance team. I chose to continue my journey at Bloomsbury Institute as a member of staff to help other students have an equally pleasant experience.

I have worked in a range of different professions. I have previously worked in a law firm as a paralegal for a short period of time before the second lockdown. During the second lockdown I have worked remotely as a secretary for a transport company. The experience and skills I have gained from my previous jobs as well as the skills I have gained during my studies, helped me adapt quicker to the responsibilities that come with my new role here at Bloomsbury Institute.

In my role, I provide secretariat services to various meetings, and I use my own experience as a former student to help involve the currently serving students in the Institute’s governance. I ensure the smooth running of the meetings by supporting Chairs and members.

During my studies at Bloomsbury Institute, I have been a Student Rep, a PAL leader and I have participated in many activities organised by the Institute, all of which helped me develop skills and qualities that made me more suitable for the secretarial role as well as helped me with my personal development.


I am passionate about finance and self-growth and development.

I believe we do not get educated in school enough about finance, how to invest our money and what are the different ways to invest it. Since we spend most of our life working for money, I think it is important to learn how to manage it and invest it well.

I am also interested in different cultures around the world, especially eastern cultures. Mental health is one of the most important aspects of life and I am very passionate about practicing good mental health exercises.

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