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Ahmed Junaid

Academic Registrar


Bloomsbury Institute - Junaid Ahmed

Since 2016, I have been theĀ Academic Registrar at Bloomsbury Institute.

I joined Bloomsbury Institute in September 2012 for a position of Academic Programmes Manager (PG Programmes). After this, I was offered the position of Associate Dean and assumed responsibility as Dean of the college in August 2013.

I started my careerĀ  in investment management after completion of my MBA. After completing my Masters in industrial management from Queen Mary University of London, I moved to the world of academia where I started my career as a senior lecturer in Strategic Management at a Higher Education college. I worked for various private and public colleges as a visiting lecturer.

I joined University of Edgehill as a lecturer and a supervisor for post-graduate students in Business, Management, Finance and HR related subjects.

In 2010 I joined the Quality Assurance Agency as a reviewer to work under the framework of Educational Oversight. I also worked as the position of Inspector for Independent schools Inspectorate. Since then I have carried out various inspections and reviews in institutes ranging from Flying schools to HEIs.


As a reviewer for the Quality Assurance Agency, I have always been interested in Quality Assurance and Standards in Higher Education. My other areas of interest are Assessment in Higher Education and collaborative provision and partnerships.

I have previously worked in a Collaborative provision, setting up new partnerships in Higher Education.

Driving, riding motorbikes and travelling are some of my interests outside of work. I also enjoy sports such as table tennis, badminton and squash.

Qualifications, Affiliations and Memberships

MBA, MSc, Reviewer Quality Assurance Agency, Senior Fellow of Higher Education Academy, Member AUA