Emergency Regulations

The University of Northampton recently revised their Emergency Regulations in January 2021 to ensure that all students are supported through the latest phase of the pandemic. Here’s what this means for you:


  • You can apply for extensions at resubmissions (for a maximum of 21 calendar days)

To apply for an extension, please download and complete an Extension Request Form and upload it to SSP. Submitting an extension request form does not automatically mean that your request will be approved and requests submitted after the submission deadline can be declined. We will let you know the outcome of your request via SSP.

  • You will need to provide supporting evidence for extension requests made for the maximum length of extensions
  • Extensions requests must be made prior to the resubmission deadline.

If you’ve been granted an extension but cannot resubmit your work by the new deadline, you have the option to apply for Mitigating Circumstances.

If you would like to apply for Mitigating Circumstances, please do not attempt your resubmission because you will be classed as ‘fit to sit’ and Mitigating Circumstances will automatically be declined.

For further information and guidance, please refer to Mitigating Circumstances Policy and the Student Handbook.

Mitigating Circumstances

If due to unforeseen circumstances, such as being affected by Covid-19, you can’t re-submit your work by the resubmission deadline, please don’t worry.

You can apply for Mitigating Circumstances, which if approved by the University of Northampton, means you can resubmit your work at the third submission point.

To apply for Mitigating Circumstances, please download and complete the Mitigating Circumstances Application Form and upload it to SSP. Your application will then be sent to the University of Northampton to be assessed. If approved, you will be able to submit your work at third submission point.

If you have Mitigating Circumstances approved for at least one item of assessment (at any stage of submission), but the module is still failed overall, the credits of this module will not be counted towards accumulated failure.

Below are examples of where this applies:

  • You attempt the assessment item twice and still fail it
  • You fail to submit the assessment item on one or both remaining opportunities and fail the module as a result.

If you need any help with the above, please contact sews: sew@bil.ac.uk.