Part C: Provision of Information

UK Quality Code – Provision of Information

Within Part C, staff and students should refer to the following Expectation(s) from the UK Quality Code. For additional guidance, reference should be made to the Indicators within the stated Chapter(s) of the UK Quality Code.

Expectation (Part C)

“Higher education providers produce information for their intended audiences about the learning opportunities they offer that is fit for purpose, accessible and trustworthy.”


Indicators can be found within the Part C Chapter which can be viewed from the following link:


Policies and Procedures

The Head of Quality is the custodian of institutional policies, regulatory documents and procedures and has access to electronic document root files. The approval process for the publishing of any policy, regulatory or procedural document is controlled exclusively through the Head of Quality. For all other publications, the Head of Student Recruitment and Marketing plays the key role in monitoring and provisioning the final sign-off of all information made available to our applicants, students, other stakeholders and the wider public. We undertake an annual audit of all its publicly available information, to ensure accuracy and relevance.

Website content

All information that is to be made available on our website (excluding information in our Quality and Enhancement Manual) must be submitted to the Head of Student Recruitment and Marketing. The Head of Student Recruitment and Marketing is then responsible for checking the content to ensure that it meets all brand guidelines pertaining to online content including tone of voice, web optimisation and brand consistency. The Head of Student Recruitment and Marketing is then ultimately responsible for the upload of this content to the website. The Head of Student Recruitment and Marketing will keep track of all online content, working with departmental managers/heads of divisions to ensure that is checked, and where relevant, updated annually.

Full information regarding how we manage the publication of information is contained in the following document:

Information Control Procedures

What We Do

  • We currently publish a hardcopy prospectus which is also available on our website in ‘flickr book’ format.
  • Applicants who have accepted a place on one of our courses receive relevant information relating to admission and enrolment.
  • We provide students with a hard copy of the relevant Course Handbook, Student Guide, and Student Charter, all of which can also be accessed through our Virtual Learning Environments. The Course Handbook is authored by the relevant Course Leader. The Student Guide and Student Charter content is driven and coordinated by our Centre for Student Engagement, Wellbeing and Success.
  • The provision to students of additional course-specific and module-specific materials is made through our VLE.  These materials are authored by the relevant Course Leader and Module Tutors. All content is monitored by the relevant Course Leader.
  • Regulatory and guidance documents are provided to our students through our online Quality and Enhancement Manual.  In some instances these are provided by our academic partners and we are required to provide access to them in totality and this is often achieved with links to the content on the partner website.
  • Amendments to any of our regulatory documents are initially considered by either our Senior Management and Leadership Team (SMLT) or Quality Assurance and Enhancement Committee (QAEC) depending on the nature of the document.  Again, depending on the nature of the document, either these committees will grant final approval or final approval will be sought by a more senior committee or the Board of Directors.  Detailed information on approval processes can be found in our Corporate and Academic Governance Framework.
  • We appoint agents within the UK and overseas to recruit students on our behalf.  Before entering into a contract with an agent, we undertake a due diligence process which includes the submission of at least one reference.  Agents are contractually required to receive our approval before publishing any information about any of our courses.  This approval process is managed by our Head of Student Recruitment and Marketing.  In addition, we undertake regular scans of our agents’ websites to ensure there is no misrepresentation of our College or our courses.
  • Our website and hard copy marketing materials contain information relating to our academic partners. It is the responsibility of our Head of Student Recruitment and Marketing to liaise with our partners and obtain the necessary approvals for proposed publishing.


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