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The academic frameworks governing our provision of degree programmes are determined by the University of Northampton.  We undertake our responsibility to maintain academic standards.  However, through the development and implementation of our own HE regulatory framework we aim also to set our own standards within those of our academic partner.

Policies and Procedures Applicable to all Students

Engagement Policy

We recognise the investment that students make, both in time and money, in choosing to pursue a course of higher education and, as a responsible institution, have a duty of care to follow up promptly on matters of non-engagement, whether this be in terms of physical non-attendance at class, or underuse of the digital learning platforms we provide. Following up instances of non-engagement ensures that students can be supported and given every opportunity to succeed.  This duty of care is particularly important in relation to any students under the age of 18 or any vulnerable adults.

In addition, we are obliged to comply with the requirements of the United Kingdom Visas and Immigration (UKVI), the Student Loans Company (SLC) and other agencies which require monitoring and reporting of student activity and engagement.  Engagement involves not only attendance at timetabled classes, but also accessing Canvas and eBooks, submission of work etc.

Good student attendance and engagement also contributes positively to the learning experience of fellow classmates.

Staff and students are referred to Chapter B4 of the UK Quality Code which explains that student achievement and development necessitates the education provider and its students to work together. It is important that students understand that they work in partnership with the College to ensure that collective targets are achieved. This requires students to participate, engage and take ownership of their success.

Engagement Policy

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