Recruitment and Admissions

UK Quality Code

We would ask staff and students to refer to the following Expectation from the UK Quality Code. For additional guidance, reference should be made to the relevant Indicators within the stated Chapter(s) of the UK Quality Code.

Expectation (Chapter B2)

‘Recruitment, selection and admission policies and procedures adhere to the principles of fair admission. They are transparent, reliable, valid, inclusive and underpinned by appropriate organisational structures and processes. They support higher education providers in the selection of students who are able to complete their programme.’


Admission with Academic Credit

While we accept applications for admission with academic credit based either on prior certificated learning or prior experiential learning, we are required to comply with the procedures of all our academic partners.  Any applicant seeking admission with academic credit is provided with details of the current procedures at the time of their application.  We receive very few applications for admission with academic credit.

Admissions Policy

Through the Admissions Policy, and its application, we focus on an applicant’s ‘ability to succeed’. We are committed to ensuring fair access to higher education for those whose prior certificated and/or experiential learning should be sufficient to succeed on our courses.

Besides ensuring that there are suitable entry criteria for all students, our admissions system also operates within and in line with the HEFCE (Widening Participation) agenda; our aim is to promote and provide the opportunity of successful participation in higher education to everyone who can benefit from it. This is vital for social justice and economic competitiveness.

Applicable to all courses:

Admissions Policy 2017-18

Admissions Policy 2018-19

Admissions Policy 2019-20


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