QAA Review for Educational Oversight

In October 2015 we underwent a Higher Education Review by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) and we received the QAA’s final report. The report is available in full on the QAA’s website.

We received the following judgements from the QAA:

  • The maintenance of the academic standards of awards offered on behalf of degree-awarding bodies and/or other awarding organisations meets UK expectations.
  • The quality of student learning opportunities meets UK expectations.
  • The quality of the information about learning opportunities meets UK expectations.
  • The enhancement of student learning opportunities is commended.

Good Practice

The QAA highlighted the following features of good practice:

  • The clear strategy and extensive support for improving teaching and learning.
  • The wide range of effective support mechanisms that enable students to develop their academic and personal potential.
  • The strong strategic approach to enhancing the quality of learning opportunities, which is embedded in the organisation structures and processes.
  • The strong governance framework.
  • The effective and full integration of the annual monitoring process into corporate governance and the annual resource planning cycle.

Top 12.8% for enhancement

We were delighted to have been commended for the enhancement of our students’ learning opportunities. This commendation recognised not only our commitment, but our success, in continuously improving the student experience.

As of 21 January 2016, 164 institutions had undergone a QAA Higher Education Review and had their report published on the QAA website. Out of these 164 institutions, only 21 (12.8%) were commended for the enhancement of their students’ learning opportunities. We were one of these 21, which places us in the top 12.8% of institutions with regards to enhancement.

Action Plan

Following a Higher Education Review, each provider was required to produce an action plan in response to the conclusions of the report. The Action Plan is available on the QAA website.

QAA Monitoring Visits, September 2016 and September 2017

Further to our October 2015 Higher Education Review (HER),we have since undergone two scheduled monitoring visits by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) and received our final report, which is available in full at the QAA website.

You can also read the September 2016 and September 2017 reports on their website, which re-affirmed the above conclusions.

The September 2016 monitoring visit resulted in the following conclusion:

“The QAA monitoring team has concluded that LSBM (now Bloomsbury Institute) are making commendable progress in implementing the action plan from the Higher Education Review (Alternative Providers).”

The September 2017 monitoring visit resulted in the following conclusion:

“From the evidence provided in the annual return and at the monitoring visit,  the review team concludes that the London School of Business and Management Ltd  (the School) (now Bloomsbury Institute) has made commendable progress with continuing to monitor, evaluate and enhance its higher education provision since the September 2016 monitoring visit.”


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