Course Approval and Modification of Existing Courses

UK Quality Code

Within this section, staff and students should refer to the following Expectation(s) from the UK Quality Code and reference should be made to the relevant Indicators within the stated Chapter(s) of the UK Quality Code.

Expectation (Chapter B1)

Higher education providers, in discharging their responsibilities for setting and maintaining academic standards and assuring and enhancing the quality of learning opportunities, operate effective processes for the design, development and approval of programmes.


All of our higher education courses are developed by awarding bodies, such as the University of Northampton. Programme specifications and module specifications are developed by the awarding bodies and cannot be amended by us.

Prior to being approved to deliver a new course, we have to be approved by the relevant awarding body, which in all cases requires us to comply with the awarding body’s validation policies and procedures.  All university courses delivered by us are additionally subject to the university annual monitoring and evaluation, periodic review and modification policies and procedures.

To supplement the awarding bodies’ policies and procedures, we have developed our own internal procedures for the approval of new courses and the modification of existing courses.

These procedures, which will be applied prior to those of the awarding body, have been designed to ensure compliance with the UK Quality Code:

Course Approval, Withdrawal and Suspension Procedures

Curriculum Modifications Procedures


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