Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Release / Collect My Printed Documents

Once you have sent / printed the document, you can collect the printed document from any printer in our offices (Bedford Sq., Gower St., Dilke House).

•Go to the physical printer from which you want to collect your printed documents (e.g. ground floor Bedford Square printer).
•Press the “Start” button on the printer screen.
•Use your ID card to log into the printer by tapping on the ID card reader. Alternatively, you can use your PIN number (Provided by IT team) to log into printer

After you have successfully logged in, you will see three different options.

•To release your prints, please press the “Print Release” icon.
•Select the documents you want to release for printing and press the “Print” button.
•If you don’t want to print the document, you can select the document and click on the delete button (rubbish bin).

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