Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Register My ID Card

To use Bloomsbury Institute’s printers, you must first log into one of our printers and register your ID card. To log into a printer, you must have a Bloomsbury Institute Email account, ID card or User PIN code. If you want to use Bloomsbury Institute ID card you must register your card on one of our printers (once it has been registered on one printer it will work on all of them)

  • •Go to any printer in one of our offices (e.g. Dilke House, Gower Street, Bedford..etc)
  • •Press the start button
  • •Swipe your Bloomsbury Institute ID card against the ID card reader on the printer.
  • Press the “username and password” button and enter your Bloomsbury Institute email address and password
  • When you have finished entering your information, press the “Associate” button
  • After a successful login, your card will be associated to your account.

Please note, if you lose your Bloomsbury Institute ID card, you will have to request a new card from Registry, once you have received you new ID card you will be required to re-associate this new card to your account as above

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