Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Recommended Process for Choosing a Secure Password

  • Think of a memorable phrase on which to base the password
  • Replace words with meaningful numbers or special symbols (e.g. to, too = 2, for = 4, and = &)
  • Capitalise some of the first letters
  • Replace letters with numbers or special characters that look similar (e.g. I = 1, o = 0, s = 5 or $)
  • Try to include a number somewhere. Try replacing an 'e' with three or 'oh' with a zero. e.g. z00gard3n
  • Avoid commonly used words - such as 'password' or the names of your family
  • Don't use any part of your name in the password
  • Don’t use a space, backslash ('\') or a pound sign ("£") in your password
  • Don't use characters that aren't readily accessible on the keyboard formats you are likely to be using (e.g. ø if you need to use UK format keyboards)
For more advice about managing your password, please contact IT Support (

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