Re-enrolment FAQs


  • When and how can I re-enrol?

Please get in touch with your academic administrator if you have any re-enrolment queries by emailing or alternatively raise a request on SSP.

  • I do not want to re-enrol, what should I do?

If you want to withdraw from the course, please contact the academic administration department at or alternatively raise a request on SSP.

  • My SSP is not working, what can I do?

Please contact our IT team at they will be able to help you.

  • I want to take a break for a year from my studies, how can I do that?

If you want to take a study break, please contact the academic administration department at or alternatively raise a request on SSP.

  • When next academic year starts?

Next academic year starts Monday 27 September 2021; you can also find this in the Academic Calendars for next year, please follow this link:

  • I have failed a module, what is my next step?

If you have failed a module this academic year, you will need to retake the module next year.

  • I didn’t pass all my modules on Foundation Year – what’s going to happen?

If you passed 1, 2 or 3 Foundation Year modules, you will be able to retake your failed modules next year. However, you will not be able to progress to the next level. Your tutors will be able to offer you tutorials, sending you useful learning resources and helping you plan your time and workload.


The portal is now open to apply to the Student Loans Company for funding.

  • Can I apply for funding?

Yes, you can apply for funding via Student Finance England if your original course start date was before September 2019. If you need help when you’re applying for funding, raise an SSP request and one of our Finance team will be in contact.

  • Will I be funded for the remaining years on my course?

Yes, you will be able to receive funding for the remainder of your course provided you have not exhausted your funding due to previous study.

  • I haven’t received my final grade for this year. Should I wait until I do before applying for finance?

It’s a good idea to apply for funding early, even before you have received your final grade for the year, to allow SFE to process your application. If for any reason you do not continue with your course, your application can be cancelled, and you would not be charged.

  • I have already applied for finance using a different institution name. How do I transfer my funding to Bloomsbury Institute?

If you have submitted an application for a different institution, this can easily be transferred. You can either:

Log on to your SFE portal and make the changes online before your course start date OR raise an SSP request with your information and we can arrange for the transfer to take place.

  • Will I be able to receive any bursaries?

We do not currently offer any bursaries outside our hardship funds.

  • Can I re-enrol if my funding is not approved on time?

If your funding is not approved in time for the advertised start date of your course, you can re-enrol by self-funding until your application has been approved. Once you receive your funding approval, you can contact our Finance team for a refund of the fees you have paid yourself.


  • When will I receive my timetable? 

From mid-August, you will start receiving your timetable within 3 working days of re-enrolment. For any timetabling enquiries please email