Declare a disability

We are committed to making it as straightforward and comfortable as possible for students to disclose information about their disability to us.

You don’t have any obligation at all to tell us about your disability – we have systems in place throughout Bloomsbury Institute to accommodate the needs of students with a disability. But if you do decide to tell us, we can arrange for a range of personalised support you may not otherwise receive to assist you throughout your time with us.

How do I disclose a disability?

If you have a disability, medical condition or specific learning difficulty, we really do advise getting in touch with our Disability and Wellbeing Advisor before making an application to study with us. This way we can let you know of the support available and discuss what reasonable adjustments you may need during your time with us.

Knowing about your requirements in advance will enable us to prepare and arrange support in time for the start of your course.

Letting us know about a disability, medical condition or specific learning difficulty before we make you an offer will have no impact at all on the offer decision. To see our Admissions Policy, click here.

If you declare a disability, medical condition or specific learning difficulty after an offer to study with us is made, we will pass your details onto our Disability and Wellbeing Advisor. She will then contact you and arrange a meeting to discuss how we can support you.

Please note: We never pass any information about your support needs to any other member of staff or external bodies without your express consent.

To meet your academic or personal support needs, we may need to send specific information to our members of staff and external agencies. If we need to do this, our Disability and Wellbeing Advisor will ask you to sign a Consent to Share Information Form before any information is passed onto others and before support arrangements are put in place.

You can view our full Disability Policy here.