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Tom Ironmonger

I am regularly surprised by the truth of the cliché that teaching is a place of learning. It is therefore a privilege to be able to carry over some of the insights that have been gifted to me by some unforgettable people.

My BA was in Social Science, and I have an MA in Creative Writing. The contrast of these subjects, as well as experience in a range of different industries and settings, provides me with an unusual perspective on the capacities of education. CELTA and FHEA qualifications, combined with experience teaching English in Latin America, have also encouraged me to reflect on the craft of educating in close observation of context.


I’m committed to inspiring lifelong reading practice and develop independent educational communities, whilst harnessing innovation to create opportunities for deep learning. An approach most recently informed by research into educational neuroscience, philosophy and ecology.

Qualifications, Affiliations and Memberships

  • BA Social Science
  • MA Creative Writing
  • FHEA
  • MCMI

Research and Publications

  • Ironmonger, T. 2023. Friends of the Lento: an ethnographic study of Foundation Year reading groups at the Bloomsbury Institute, London. Bloomsbury Institute Working Paper Series. 
  • Ironmonger, T. 2022. Reading Groups in the Digital Age: a story of widening participation. Advance HE Teaching and Learning Conference. 6th July, Newcastle.
  • Krajewska, A. and Ironmonger T. 2018. Confession Tapes: What We Have Learned From Academic Integrity Interviews. LSBM Teaching and Learning Conference 2018 Beyond metrics: Measuring the immeasurable in Higher Education, 10th July, London.
Tom Ironmonger

Head of Foundation Year and Board of Directors Staff Representative

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