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Reza Mazroei

As an IT Support Technician at Bloomsbury Institute London, Reza optimizes data extraction efficiency through SQL query enhancements, updating reports in Oracle CRM, and refining Python scripts for API data retrieval. These measures improve performance and reduce data load.

He manages and monitors the data flow process by implementing monitoring tools, revising ETL processes, and documenting procedures. This streamlines investigation and issue resolution.

Collaborating closely with stakeholders, Reza analyses the impact of data structure changes and implement solutions to minimise disruption to ETL processes, ensuring smooth operations and system integrity.

Additionally, he administers the Qlik Sense platform for business insights, provide support and maintenance for Office 365, and conduct network administration tasks to maintain network security and efficiency.


Reza’s interests are centred around critical thinking, problem-solving, and actively seeking challenges. He excels in optimising data processes by employing analytical skills to enhance efficiency and reduce data load. Solving puzzles is a genuine passion of his, reflected in his ability to refine SQL queries, update reports, and fine-tune Python scripts for accurate data extraction. He thrives on managing the data flow process, implementing monitoring tools, and finding innovative solutions to minimise disruption. Beyond his professional role, he actively seeks out challenging scenarios to further develop his skills. His interests encompass technical expertise, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

Qualifications, Affiliations and Memberships

MSc Data Science and Analytics

Reza Mazroei

IT Technician Support

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