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Orlagh Maye

I am a Lecturer in Law here at Bloomsbury Institute. I graduated from the two-year accelerated course with a first-class LLB from Bloomsbury Institute in 2020. I completed my Masters by Research in Legal History from the University of Reading in 2021.

As an undergraduate student, I was nominated as a student representative and activities officer. I trained as a Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Leader and attended the PASS/PAL/SI Conference 2019 in Loughborough as a representative of the Institution. I received the ‘Student Guild President’s Award for outstanding contribution to the student community’, and the ‘Bloomsbury Institute Award for enhancement of the academic community’. Alongside lecturing, I am now the PAL Academic Coordinator for Law.

Currently, I am completing my PhD which focuses on the historical issue of married women in the UK and their legal right to own and control their own property.


Academia has always been of importance to me. My current field of research involves women’s equitable rights in history, with a focus on the imbalance of rights within marriage. Though most of the research I have completed has been centred on equity, legal theory, and human rights, I am yet to come across an area of law that does not interest me!

I also enjoy reading, travelling, history and learning about anything new.


  • LLB
  • MRes
  • PhD (currently studying)
Orlagh Maye

Lecturer, Law

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