Welcome to Bloomsbury Institute

Monday 22nd October 2018

As another academic year begins, you may notice a slight change at LSBM. We are now Bloomsbury Institute.  

Why rebrand?

We’ve been around since 2002, and since then we’ve gone through a lot of changes. Our staff and student population has grown, yet we still keep class sizes small. And we’ve introduced flexible courses to suit everyone’s busy lifestyle – whether you’re a parent or want to work while you study.  

The number one priority for us has always been our people, both staff and students. And we realised this wasn’t coming across through our old brand. We pride ourselves on our student support and how much we genuinely care about unlocking education for everyone. 

What’s it all about?

As well as a change in our brand colours and logo, we went for a new name, Bloomsbury Institute.  

Bloomsbury – we’re proud to be in the heart of Bloomsbury, the home of progressive, forward thinkers.  

Institute – which is about our legal status and the fact that we exist for a specific purpose: to unlock potential. 

Bloom – higher education is a journey, and just like a flower, we believe you’ll really find yourself and bloom here.  

The vivid orange colour of our logo reflects our vibrant student community and the petals in our flower icon almost look like they’re moving, representing the expansion of ideas and possibilities.  

We’ve also revived our Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values to truly reflect our commitment to ‘radical hospitality’.   

So, what about the future?

You’ll continue to see a lot of changes here at Bloomsbury Institute. We’ll be running new events throughout the year – with external guests and annual lectures –  and we’ve also a new building, CIEE, across from Russell Square.  

And in terms of the brand, we have many exciting plans. Keep an eye on the decoration of our buildings, especially the reception areas. Hint, hint – ‘Bloom’. The Student Guild over at Dilke House has undergone a makeover by our wonderful artist in residence Fiddian Warman, and this is just the beginning.  

And finally…

We’d like to give a huge thanks to our all staff and students who have inspired and helped us throughout our rebrand. And we’d like to say a special thanks to a few agencies and people that have really helped bring all this together: Pitch Doctor, Arch, Ghost, Fiddian Warman, Karl Attard, Melissa Byers and Ben Afia. 

Without their amazing support and ideas, the Bloomsbury Institute brand would not be what it is today.